Wet wipes, also known as refreshing wipes or refresher wipes, are small damp wipes which are individually packaged.
You can use these wipes for a multitude of purposes. Think of fast food chains, restaurants, petrol stations,
entertainment centres, festivals and many other occasions.

Custom designs

Clean Wipes offers you several options for custom designing your own refresher wipes. You can select the wipes from a variety of sizes, packaging types and scents for the wipes. You also have a chance to custom design the packaging and add your own logo. More information on custom designing is available in the menu option under the ‘offer’ selection.

We would be happy to assist you

Do you not have a designer at your disposal within your company and would you still like to have a custom design? Please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to assist you with designing your own packaging.

Private Label

Would you rather prefer to develop and resell your own brand of refresher wipes? With us, that’s also possible. We can advise and assist you with developing as well as promoting your own brand. We are confident that because of our expertise we will be able to provide you with the appropriate advice.


You are probably already aware of the functionalities of these wipes, even if this is true, we would like to provide you with the following short explanation: wet wipes are used for various occasions. For example, to wipe something off the table or to clean your hands. They are handy and come in a package that you can customise to your own style.

These wipes have a long history and, in the seventies, were seen as an essential item for the well-off woman. Up until the present day, it is convenient to have this individually wrapped wipe to your disposal and use it to freshen up, if you have no other options at hand. The packaging of these wipes can either be customised under your own brand or made according to your liking.

Wipes which do not contain alcohol are ideal for cleaning equipment. These wipes are ideal for customers who wish to carefully clean their computer, or other types of equipment. Alcohol-free wipes clean effectively and do not cause any damage. They are packed individually and the look and feel of the packaging is customisable as desired.

As the name implies, antiseptic wipes are designed to allow your customers to clean their hands without soap and water. Invented for people who like to have clean hands, even when they are not near a sink. The wipes are packed individually and the look and feel of the packaging is customisable according to your liking.

Do you ever see people with dirty glasses? No matter how hard people try to clean their glasses in the ‘old-fashioned’ manner, with steam and a t-shirt, the glasses never seem to be clean. Eyewear cleaning wipes are hygienic and ensure optimal cleaning of glasses. The wipes are packaged individually and the look and feel of the packaging is customisable according to your own personal style.

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